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Environmentally Conscious, British Luxury Interiors: Clive Christian

Since its founding in 1978 British luxury interior brand Clive Christian has taken pride in using only the most ethical and environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing their elegant cabinetry, paneling, and furniture. Employing the use of bio-mass catalytic converter equipment they achieve zero emissions, zero landfill and channel waste into renewable energy. They have, from the very beginning, stated that “our environment is our children’s environment” and in line with that philosophy only timbers with bark still on, selected exclusively from managed resources, arrive at the company owned factory workshops .


Clive Christian takes pride in maintain the exacting standards of  fine British craftsmanship comprising 300 year old techniques such as burr veneering, marquetry, and wood carving. Their skilled artisans participate in a series of apprenticeships to ensure these precious methods are continued through the generations. Cabinets are made with plywood interiors which are veneered to match the chosen exterior finish, while solid timber dovetailed drawers can be lined with a selection of leathers or burr veneer. Their cabinetry, furniture, and paneling is carefully made by hand, in Britain, to truly add to the beauty and luxury of your interior design project.

Photo by Alan Barry Photography

Photo by Alan Barry Photography

A very special thank you to Clive Christian for being a sponsor of BOLD Summit 2015!

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