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What if I told you there was a place that you could go for 3 days to work with industry leaders and other luxury focused designers around the country on taking your firm to the next level? You would get the information, guidance, inspiration and know how to:

• Attract more elite clients
• Increase your profit margin substantially
• Expand your brand into product and other niches
• Increase your following
• Turn your audience into a revenue stream
You wouldn’t hesitate, would you. Well, that is BOLD. The BOLD Summit is the great catalyst for Principal Interior Designers. Your time is precious and there are so many things to go to, but BOLD is the one event, every other year, that you just don’t miss. BOLD provides advanced level content for the discerning luxury focused designer. If you are working on taking your business to the next level, there is absolutely no better investment in your business, period.

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